Amherst, NY

3550 Main St.

Niagara, Falls

3016 Pine Ave.

Brief history of Sheesha:

One of the oldest and deeply rooted traditions in the Middle East and Turkey, with both men and women finding great pleasure in smoking the waterpipe. The nargile started a whole new culture for many years. Hookah, or Sheesha, became a very important part of the coffee shop culture in Turkey and the Middle East, and that culture spread all over the world with thousands of coffee shops all over the world serving Hookah. It is like Beer in the US, where friends gather around it and socialize; talk about sports or politics, or play cards or chess. The joy that the hookah smokers receive from this very simple yet beautiful smoking apparatus is unbelievable.

* Habibi Sheesha Lounge is the fastest growing and the happening Sheesha (Hookah) Lounge not only in Buffalo, but in the entire State of New York 

* Only Hookah lounge with 2 convenient & upscale locations in Amherst and Niagara Falls

* Over 45 flavors of premium Starbuzz Sheesha tobacco

* The only authentic Sheesha lounge, with classy / upscale decorations. You will feel like you are inside the Cairo Museum once you walk in the door. Only one other Hookah lounge in the NATION matches Habibi Sheesha Lounge in the decorations and seatings

* Comfortable and upscale / VIP seatings

* Great staff and top-notch customer service

* DJ and Belly dancing shows every weekend 

* Reservations on weekends

* Live bands